About Us

KKSPUN India Limited is India’s largest provider of precast concrete solutions for the Infrastructure Industry. With an experience of over three decades, we continue to function on the basis of our values – quality, reliability and efficiency.

KKSP was founded by Mr. Pramod Gupta in 1977, with a single manufacturing unit in Ballabgarh. Since then, KKSP has expanded with a matchless pace as it is equipped with state-of-art machinery, laboratories and moulds, to develop top grade products.

Our comprehensive precast concrete business extends to include products such as RCC pipes, jacking pipes, shaft and tunnel segments, irrigation pipes etc., as well as a bespoke product service to customer specification. We strive to provide high quality at best value for money and offer prompt delivery with a proven evidence of carrying out the operations faster than any other organization. Our clientele is always in an advantageous position due to our quick delivery.

As our social responsibility, we are always finding ways to reduce waste, improve energy management, utilize eco-friendly resources and increase recycling.


KKSPUN India Limited aims to be the most respected and successfully operated company in our industry, providing the best quality products for the society’s infrastructure needs, thereby creating value for all of our stakeholders.


KKSPUN India Limited is a forward-looking organization and we strive to achieve excellence through constant innovation with an open and collaborative corporate culture that promotes sustainable development. Our biggest resource are our employees who work with a passion for the organization’s long-term growth and financial performance.


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